The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles and the first Red of the Season.

17730586 I’d just like to start by saying that this book….Lived up to the HYPE and then some!

Let’s see what can I say that already hasn’t been said already? First off, this book REALLY IS a great read. It’s a fabulous mystery/horror story with all the elements that I look forward to when I open up a thriller. The author HAS to be a Sherlock Holmes/HP Lovecraft fan, because the mix of disturbing/creepy, fast paced adventure, humor, with an engrossing complex mystery that spilled into an, for lack of better words, extremely appealing horror story was absolutely top notch…And then the romance. That’s where this author went for “builp-up” that crescendoed to a breathless love scene that left me equally satisfied AND wanting more. The coming together here was TOTALLY worth waiting for. Perfectly timed, it wasn’t a distraction from the mystery (which was the real meat of the story) and didn’t at all feel gratuitious it felt like a REWARD!

It had been A LONG WHILE since I read a book in M/M that I had this much fun with. The setting was fantastic (so creepy and interesting). The writing superb, the characters palpable and very much alive on the page), the pacing just right…Everything made for a real treat. That’s all independent of the fact that this is a DEBUT novel!

Now that the nights are getting chillier and the evenings are getting LONGER and darker…I needed a wine to go with this book that would STAND UP to the blood curling delight that was this story. So, to sip while I read about Lucien and Stephen’s adventures in the English coutryside I chose the  2010 Garnache from Viña Borgia wineries in Spain. This wine has incredible depth, and it’s just bursting with delicious raspberry and mulberry notes, with a finish that is surprisingly bright. It is EXTREMELY drinkable and at $6.99 a bottle you cannot ask for more out of a bottle of wine. PERFECT to go with this story that is just FULL of deliciousness. Now more on the story! imagesCAZL430F

Lucien Vaudrey has come back to the UK after 17 years in China to deal with the aftermath of both his father and brother commiting suicide. Leaving him as sole heir of their estate and rightful holder of a Lordship. Lucien is not up to this, his relationship with his family was not a good one. His brother was a monster and his father his enabler. He hates the home he grew up in, and to make things worse he is pretty sure someone has put a curse on him…That’s where Stephen Day comes in. Day is a “practitioner” of magic and has come with high recommendations…Lucien is not a fan of witches or sorcerers, but things are getting weirder and he’s afraid for his life. His faithful companion and valet Merrick agrees that something needs to happen soon, because Lucien seems to be losing control of himself.

Once Day comes into the picture he helps with the immediate curse on Lucien he quickly realizes that there are powerful things in motion that are a threat to Lucien. Even though Stephen should hate everyone with the Vaudrey last name he is a man who believes in justice and he cannot walk away from the evil that he sees sorrounding the man. Stephen wants to stay in Piper (the Vaudrey family estate) and figure what is with the Magpies ALL OVER THE PLACE and what’s more there is way too much juju going for a little countryside town?!?! There’s also the fact that EVERYONE hates the Vaudreys…Also Lucien’s advances are getting harder to resist. Once Lucien starts getting under Stephen’s skin he is drawn to the man more and more…After all just because he’s fair minded doesn’t mean he can’t fall for the charm of the rakish Lord Crane.

So, yeah this book was entirely enjoyable in every sense of the word. I loved every second, and I’m super excited to hear there will be more from Stephen, Lucien and Merrick the valet/sidekick extraoridnare. I look forward to more intricate, fast paced adventures with a HEALTHY dose of hard core toppy smexing…Seriously what more could a girl ask for?!?!?!

I HIGHLY HIGHY recommend this one,  it’s for sale at so go there and treat yoursef to an absolutely winner combo with this book and wine pairing!

Cheers and Happy Reading!


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