Wild Onions by Sarah Black…Romance and ghosts for a good cause!

WILDONIONSHORSECOVER_zps3cff3c78 Here’s the thing about Sarah Black, her writing enchants me. I’m not an enchantment kind of female. But Sarah’s men, and the world she brings to me in her stories. They take me away on such a soft soft cloud of all things good. She doesn’t write easy stories, or pretty ones (although her words are BEAUTIFUL!), she writes GOOD ones. Good ones about people I’d love to meet, and places I’d love to see, of histories I REALLY want to know about. I always feel enriched and a little wiser when I reach the end of a Sarah Black tale. She’s the most best writer everyone should know about and doesn’t. I always feel like I’m cheating someone paying for her books, they should cost more! They’re too good, and now she’s made them even more valuable. Each copy of this storu that sells on Amazon.com will contribute one meal to the Idaho Food Bank in Boise where Sarah and her son volunteer. With each book sold, Sarah will make a donatio, tthat right there is reason enough to go get this book.

The story is amazing though, so you will win twice.

Robert Mitchell is arriving back to the cabin in Salmon River, Idaho which belonged to his lover Val. One year has passed since the accident that took Val’s life, and left Robert seriously injured, and now looking to loose his home from crippling medical bills. His life that was radiant and full just one year before seems like it’s falling apart all around him, and he’s feeling low. Things have been grim, and he’s thought that selling the cabin might be a way to at least relief some of the pressures in his life. The thing is once he gets there and he remembers what that cabin meant to him, to THEM, to Val who had it in his family for generations, he just couldn’t do it. He’d stay for awhile and think of where to go next.

Things become even ligther when he meets Cody Calling Eagle a tall, strong, Blackfoot man who’s been fishing in the Salmon River right by Robert’s cabin. Cody is young, magnetic and there’s something about his open eyes and heart that makes Robert want to hope a little. He wants a taste of that goodness. Things are so good with Cody, so sweet, he’s sad that he can feel like this when Val is not in the world anymore, but Cody he’s like a big open heart calling to Robert to kiss him, touch him…FEEL HIM.

Things become a little confused when Cody and Robert start having shared dreams about the history of the cabin, and the dark things that happened there. Bad things happened in the past, evil men came to the cabin to hurt Val’s and Cody’s ancestors. The two men in Robert’s live where connected by an ancient bond. Cody’s great-great-uncle had been Val’s great-great-grandfather’s lover. Things from the past come back to haunt them and the love that is blossoming between Robert and Cody is in danger.  Robert won’t let this lover go though, he will do what he has to, so that he can get back the future he was beginning to glimpse in Cody’s eyes.

The romance in this story is one of the more intense ones I’ve read of Sarah, there was nothing subtle here. It’s literally a coming back from the dead. Total submission to love. The history lessons and the ghosts where fascinating, and as always I feel a bit smarter.

Lovely. Would like some more please.

Wild Onions is for sale on Amazon.com

This is an awesome cause, and I hope lots of you go out and get the story! If you would like to know more about your local food bank click here for the national directory. The Food Bank of America does amazing things around the country everyday, so go out and give a hand. Personally, I love the Backpack Programs for the public schools. This progam collects food to fill the backpacks of kids in the free lunch programs around the country, every Friday, so that they will have food over the weekends.

Cheers and Happy Reading!

For those of you interested in seeing more of the Salmon River in Idaho or hearing about Sarah’s inspiration for this project you can check out her Goodreads Blog.




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