Shock and Awe by Abigail Roux, an Honorable Garnache, also Bruno Mars.

Shock&Awe_500x750I’m not one for adulation, I really AM NOT. Gushing  is not my bag…But DAMN. Just damn. Why’d  she have to go and do me like that? This story was a whole lot of fucking awesome. This was Fast, and it was Dirty and I LOVED IT. I can’t even complain that it was too short, because even a little more of that would have burst my brains. FOR REAL.

If I have ever reviewed a book on here that REQUIRES a drink or two, it’s this one. You need some alcoholic lubrication for this people! For Kelly and Nick, I selected a deep and delicious Garnache. The 2012 Honoro Vera from Catalayud, Spain is just the wine. It’s a little dark and a little sweet, reminiscent of plums and sweet cherries, but has a bite of white pepper at the end that makes for a very interesting glass of wine. Honoro Vera, true honor, is that perfect for these guys or what? And for $7.99 a glass, you could not do better value. I’ve had this wine many many times before, and it’s definitely a go-to in the under $10 category.


Notice the Ty and Zane trading cards in the back…

Ok, so now that we’ve got some vino, we can go back to the story. First of all, this story was perfectly set up coming out of Touch & Geaux.  I was curious where all the”maybes” that were popping up around Kelly and Nick would go. Nick totally redeemed himself  from “The Kiss heard around the M/M World” with his actions in T&G. The side of him that I got to see really made me want to know his story. Actually all these guys are intriguing, with their dark secrets, and past lives as Black Ops operatives. For a series starter this short, angst-free, and HOT story hit the spot just right.

With this review I’m gonna try something new, it’s gonna have a bit of music, a little wine and some EPIC smut…Because that was pretty much my reading experience.

So! I had my book. I poured myself some delicious Garnache wine. I started reading.

 photo tumblr_mmbslfND9B1sq4neco1_500_zps3838b938.gif

The story starts off right when Kelly is getting home to Colorado once he’s been released from the hospital, after being shot in NOLA. Nick hasn’t left his side for a single moment since he was hurt. He’s with him NOW, at his home, and is there for the long haul. Whatever he needs to do to help Kelly recover…It’s KILLING Kelly too, because he’s all kinds of confused…He HAS been for awhile, since the “I’m bi and was in love with Ty for a decade” confession from Nick…Kelly, he is CONFUZZLED…I mean NICK IS INTO DUDES!!!…Likes cock…A lot. And what is that?!?!

It’s making Kelly  get some feelings that are kind of unusual. Kelly is a guy who is all about jumping with eyes and arms open, and EXPERIENCING. So, when he gets all bi-curious, he comes straight out and tells Nick, he wants him some man lovin’…Nick isn’t super sure about it, but they are BROTHERS, he knows Kelly like he knows himself, the dude TOOK A BULLET FOR HIM, and he just goes with it…He gives Kelly the Irish Special right on his mouth, and HOLY SHIT…That’s where Bruno Mars took over…Oh man…Here’s how it went.

Kelly is like..”Nick, Kiss me“(cue Gorilla by Bruno Mars)…Things get heavy from the GET GO…Nick’s a little scared, because it was so hot, and Kelly is INTO it, he wants MOAR, Nicks hesitates a little at first,  but then he’s all:

…look what you’re doing, look what you’ve done
But in this jungle you can’t run
‘Cause what I got for you
I promise it’s a killer, you’ll be banging on my chest

Things heat up, and Nick has the fear of commitment and all, but Kelly knows all his bullshit, and will not take no for answer. They are HOT together, and he wants to see this shit through, so he goes:

I bet you never ever felt so good, so good
I got your body trembling like it should, it should

Nick is not a man that backs down, NO SIR, so he’s going to show Kelly EXACTLY what’s up. Kelly’s  sort of slutty and kind of dirty. So, Nick LAYS. IT. DOWN:

Yeah, I got a fistful of your hair
But you don’t look like you’re scared
You just smile and tell me, “Daddy, it’s yours.”
‘Cause you know just how I like it,
You’s a dirty little lover

If the neighbors call the cops,
Call the sheriff, call the SWAT ‒ we don’t stop,
We keep rocking while they’re knocking on our door
And you’re screaming, “Give it to me baby,
Give it to me motherfu…”

And THAT’S where I had to take my wine break…

 photo tumblr_mvf4ppGSad1suxj9go1_500_zpsb0555a2d.gif

Yeah things evolve fast. Because, really, with Kelly and Nick, the love is already there, implicitly. They are BROTHERS. They know each other, have been there for each other at levels of intensity few people ever experience. The bond that has been forged it stronger than steel. So the questions are, Could the actually work? Can this be real? This is new to Kelly and Nick doesn’t want lose him…But they go with it, things are so intense,and they want more and more each other…Nick won’t push, he knows ho intense he gets when he has someone he wants…Kelly IS ALL OVER exploring exactly what that means…He begs and Nick let’s him know WHAT’S UP:

You got your legs up in the sky
With the devil in your eyes
Let me hear you say you want it all
Say it now, say it now

YEP!  There’s some twists and a lot of hotness, but you HAVE GOT TO KEEP READING, because it’s all hot all the time and the peace and easyness that are Kelly and Nick is something to enjoy (specially from this author). DOn’t give me wrong it is Abigail Roux, so you know that there’s gonna be some ‘stomach drops down to your toes’ moments, but it works out…With Kelly and Nick..It’s all about this feeling:

You’ll never be the same baby once I’m done with you

None of us are…NONE. OF. US. ARE…Looking forward to a less angsty series of stories!

Totally recommend. Shock & Awe is available here.

Cheers and Happy Reading!


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