Special Delivery Blog Tour: Valentine’s Treat for Sam and Mitch

SpecialDelivery72lgSpecial Delivery by Heidi Cullinan was re-released this month from Samhain Publishing.  I first read Special Delivery about three years ago when I was first starting to really sink into M/M. I had been a reader of the genre for less than a year, and I was still figuring out who my favorite authors were and what types of stories I preferred to read. This book was one of my first introductions to BDSM in a love story, it was also the first book I read by Heidi, but certainly not my last. In the years since her stories have been consistently favorites of mine, and I literally never ever pass up on one of her books.

I’ve said before that what I love most about her heroes is that their strength lies in their ability to show their vulnerabilities. In saying to the world “this is what I need to be happy, I won’t let your prejudices make me ashamed”. Mitch and Sam are a classic couple for M/M romance reader,s and for many of us a perfect example of exactly the kind of love story that makes this genre so damn special. EVERYONE has a right to be happy, to get what they need from a person who loves them…To be loved without judgment or shame.

For this post I wanted to do a Valentine’s Day treat for these guys. I wanted to do something simple, like something Sam could whip up in the back of Old Blue, but also something colorful and sweet, which is how I think of him. Today’s treat is a Sweethearts Graham Cracker Chocolate Bark, which is SUPER easy to make and is also delicious. This will be a huge hit for the kids, and for those who are gluten free this recipe can be done with gluten free crackers as well.

photo 4

Sam is a young man from Iowa, living a life that might be a bit too small for him. He is studying to be a nurse, he works for his aunt and uncle’s pharmacy. He tries to be content with the ways things have worked out for him. After losing his mother at 17 he was taken in by his relatives, but their idea of kindness seems a lot like what other people would consider indentured slavery. On top of that Sam is gay, his desires and his wants make him feel dirty and wrong. The kind of sex that he likes best, is the kind that SHOULD make him feel ashamed. He feels so trapped by the things he wants and he can’t have. He’s lonely…It seems like other than his best friend, there is not a single person out there who cares for him at all.

Then out of the blue (literally!) this sexy trucker comes to make a deliver at his uncle’s pharmacy, and pretty soon Sam in the man’s truck on a summer cross country trip to California. His knight in shining armor’s name is Mitch and the man is sexy and kinky as hell. He’s come to take Sam away from his boring life, and show him all the ways that “bad” sex can be oh so good. The thing is that nothing is ever so simple, and Mitch clearly  has had his share of troubles in love. There is clearly something in his past that makes Mitch weary of how far he can go with Sam. It confuses him and makes him feel uncomfortable and a little scared, but GOD the sex is just so good. Sam is so caught up in all the things that Mitch can make him feel, all the ways that Mitch makes him feel dirty, and wicked but safe and cherished. It’s getting hard to see past the end of the trip. How can he ever go back home to being tolerated by his aunt and uncle when he knows how good he can feel, how happy he can be?

So Sam and Mitch make their way from Iowa to the West, and with every mile they are more intensely bonded. They are falling for each other, but there is too much that can’t work. The age difference, circumstances, the fact that Mitch is afraid of ruining Sam with his own dark desires. He’s been down this road and it has not gone well.

It’s complicated, and then it gets REAL FUCKING CRAZY when Mitch’s past comes barreling back into the scene (again LITERALLY!)…And holy shit is his past a kinky bastard.

Heidi’s books in this genre are always an education, they provide a fresh and moving perspective on what it means to love and be loved. What it means to be safe and cherished. Her characters are what most of society would consider the “fringe”, yet all their emotions, what makes them happy and what doesn’t, at the very core resonate with all of us. We all want to belong, we all want to be happy. We all want to feel sexy and irresistible to the one we love. We want to see happiness in the face of the person who makes us happiest. But everyone of us has to reach that in our own ways. Heidi’s men ALWAYS remind me of the absolute truth behind the words Love is Love…We all deserve to get it, in exactly the way we need it.

Completely recommend this book, and this series. You can get the revised edition of Special Delivery here, and don’t make sure you stay tuned for Double Blind and Tough Love the second and third books in the series!

Sweetheart Graham Cracker Chocolate Bark


  1. 7 whole and 1/4 of a graham crackers
  2. 1 4.25oz. bar of chocolate (I used Hershey’s Special Dark)
  3. 1/2 c M&M’s
  4. sprinkles


Layer graham crackers in a 9″ x 13″ baking sheet. Melt chocolate in the microwave 40 seconds at a time until its all melted, make sure you stir it in between heatings.

photo 1

Spread chocolate over the crackers and add sprinkles. You could add M&M’s if you’d like as well. Let set in the fridge for 30 minutes and break into pieces. This is a FAB project to make with kids or for a party, and it’s really tasty and pretty.

I hope you enjoy the recipe and the book. Whether it’s your first time or a re-read Sam and Mitch are two of the best pairs in M/M Romance!!

Cheers and Happy Reading and Happy Valentine’s Day to ALL!

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