Cold War by Keira Andrews and more Viognier…Because I LIKE it.

cold warWell this was DELICIOUS. Nice little bite size of cute, hot and fun…But also pretty insightful regarding the political situation in Russia. This was my first read from Keira Andrews, and I really liked this story! It WAS short, and I would have liked a little more time with the characters at the end, but I had tons of fun reading it. For these guys I chose a wine that I’ve been enjoying a lot lately. The 2012 Tortoise Creeek  Winery Viognier has been hitting my wine glass a lot lately, I like it in the colder weather, because even though it’s still has a lot of the undertones I like in a white wine, subtle peach and citrus hints and a crispiness to it, it is not “grassy” which I prefer in the summer. It is also very affordable at about $11 a bottle. Since it is a French wine I also thought it would work nicely since part of the story is set there!

photo (3)

Here’s the jist of it…Dev Avira is an American pairs figure skater headed to the Olympics…Him and his skating partner Bailey are the most serious contenders for Olympic Gold the US has had in years.  The only thing standing between Devassry and a shiny gold medal is the insanely talented and infuriatingly machine like Russian team. Mikhail Reznikov and his partner Kisa are the judges favorites. They are undeniably amazing skaters, if only they weren’s so arrogant. Mikhail is so stiff and impersonal, pisses Dev off so bad, the most infuriating part about it is that the man is drop dead gorgeous. Dev has pep talk himself out of some serious lust every time he’s in the guy’s presence…Still he CANNOT STAND the guy. Total douche…If he ever gets the chance, he’ll get right in his face and tell him exactly what he thinks of him!!!

Thing is, the moment they are in each others face, lots of stuff happens that does not involve talking AT ALL…Oh yeah, sexy times on the ice  baby!! Things get dicey though, because hello??!! The frigging Olympics are not the best time to get it on with your worst rival, not to mention, DISTRACTIONS ARE BAD…So, yeah things get a bit complicamacated for our Dev…Doesn’t keep him from doing the deed with Misha (that’s what his friends call him…ummmhumm ;)) every chance he gets…And boy do they DO IT right.

Like I mentioned  before, I really liked this one, not just because the smexy was TOP NOTCH, but also because it was a lot more interesting than I expected in terms of the plot. First of all, I loved that Dev was a first generation Southern Indian. There are not a lot of Indian men in figure skating, and I like the fact the Dev had broken through that obstacle and made it to the top of the game.  I enjoyed his partner Bailey a lot as well, she was a great sidekick and source of a lot of comic relief without being whiny, annoying or offensive.

Second, I thought the author did a great job of putting forth the difficulties a gay man would face in Russia today, as well as being pretty candid regarding the general political environment in that country. Thirdly, I liked that Dev had to face the consequences of  pursuing an affair with Mikhail, at a REALLY BAD TIME.

I really appreciated the fact that the author didn’t serve up a neat resolution. The end was nicely done. Also the skating scenes were FABULOUS. The scenes of them skating for the gold were vivid and full of emotion. The guys were also very dear. Their moments together were very good.

Like I said for a short and sweet story with a strong dose of schtick, I thought this was a damn good read!

Cold War is available for purchase here.

I hope you enjoy the book and the drink!

Cheers and Happy Reading!

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