Necropolis (Whyborne & Griffin #4) by Jordan L Hawk and a Spanish Jumilla to LURE IN the Summer!

Necropolis_200x300Whyborne and Griffin might be one of the best things that happened to me on this horrible traumatic thing I endured the past five months, which the people around here call Winter. I came late to this series, as I often do these days. I missed the buzz somehow when the first installment came out last summer, so in the midst of a horrific Upstate New York Arctic weather I started on Widdershins and proceeded to read all three books in a frenzy. Upon coming up for air I was delighted to hear that the fourth installment was in the works, and would be out in the Spring. JOY!!! Necropolis the fourth (I hope from many more to come) in the Whyborne & Griffin series, is another fantastic adventure with so much imagination and top notch writing, it was all my head could do keep up with all the amazing images and fast paced thrills. As always with Jordan’s stories, I was on the edge of my seat trying to keep up with Whyborne, Griffin and Christine, and loving every moment. And then there is the romance. They just get better with each book, it’s such a bone deep love these two guy have. Sighs…I love them.

OK on to the drank…Summer as much as that fucker refuses to commit (unlike Ival and Griffin) to settling here this year, is upon us…That means WHITE WINE all’a the time. I picked a 2012 Spanish Jumilla from the Luzon Winery in Murcia, Spain for this review. The Jumilla is peachy and grassy, with a delightful burst of all things green and no sweetness. Just a beautiful glass of organic wine, which is amazing value. It is $9.0o a bottle which is seriously a great buy, this one will be on the summer hits list for sure.

photo 5 (1)

Back to the book…This time we catch up to out guys months after their adventures in Stormhaven.  It is Christmas time and Ival and Griffin are settled into their life together…Knowing these two calm and peace cannot last for very long. Soon Ival receives an urgent telegram from Christine who is on an expedition in Egypt, asking for him to join her as there is some trouble. Ival is not a fan of leaving Widdershins, so he is unsure whether responding to her request is doable…However a few odd and rather scary things happen in the museum, and not long after Ival and his lover are off on a steamer ship hoping they get to Christine in time to avert disaster.

These guys are not new to the paranormal and have had more than their share of close encounters with seriously scary monsters. So when it becomes clear that an obscure Egyptian Queen, Nitocris said to have been the Mistress of the Ghuls, has apparently come back from the dead to take over the world of the living, the guys take the news SERIOUSLY. Christine is as always not phased, and extremely interested in finding the site of where this supposedly all originated. There is some weirdness happening that is for sure, and to add to the drama Christine’s long lost sister is in the mix and wanting to come on the expedition in the Saharan Desert. There is also man accompanying Christine an Iskander Barrett, a “colleague”, Ival doesn’t trust the man and neither does Griffin. There is enough suspicious stuff happening to warrant the distrust, and on top of it all the Camels in Egypt seem to have in for Ival…And they expect him to sleep in a tent! Things could not be worst…This is why he does not travel.

Once they set off looking for the site of Nitocris and her mischief, much fuckery ensues and Ival has to rely on his sorcery on a few close calls…This never goes over well with Griffin. It is hard for him to conciliate any sort of sorcery with anything good. It scares him, it make him fear for what it could do to Ival. Adding to the tension Ival cannot help feel guilty for how things went with Griffin and his adoptive family. Christine’s sister presence only exacerbates that.  Also it’s becoming clearer and clearer that whatever they are after does not want to be found, and things might get very bad, very quickly. Sabotaging and allkinds of crazy are happening, they are unsure of what will happen if they keep digging, but it is too late to turn back. These three have never met a monster they couldn’t beat, so they push on hoping to come out of that desert still breathing.

Like the first three books in this series this story is a bona fide adventure/romance it is fast paced and there is always, ALWAYS a new an intersting mystery to uncover. No adventure or bad guy is ever the same with these guys, and I treasure that. The strories are rich and coherent, these are not frivolously written stories there is a lot of meat in these plots. And that love, they are more genuine and solid every time we see them again, yet their connection never ever gets old. LOVE THEM. Jordan L Hawk has made a world and characters that are equally charming and intriguing, what’s more they are more endearing with every book. There is always something new to learn, and even more left at the end to look forward to.

Enjoyed this thoroughly and totally recommend it.

Necropolis will be released on May 6th, and will be available here.

I hope you enjoy the book and the wine!

Cheers and Happy Reading!



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