Loving Jay by Renae Kaye and a Gorgeous Italian Rosé

LovingJayLGWell that was delightful! Loving Jay by (new to me) author Renae Kaye was absolutely charming. Liam and Jay were so frigging adorable and funny, I was totally and completely smitten from the moment I started reading. This book was so lovely and fun. That is not to say it didn’t have some serious moments, it totally did, but mostly it was wonderful to see Liam evolve in his feelings for Jay and become braver about who he was, just from what he had found in the man he loved.

For this one, I must say the bottle chose ME, I was browsing for weekend wines, saw this bottle and thought ‘This is perfect for Jay!” they were offering a tasting and it was delicious, so that sealed the deal. My pairing for today is the 2013  Carpineto Dogajolo Rosato from Tuscany, Italy, is  made with 100% Sangiovese grapes. This wine is wildflowers and sunshine, beautiful and aromatic. I put down that bottle in a hot second. So good, at $11 a bottle not cheap, but definitely worth the splurge, and that label, so gorgeous. photo So back to Liam and Jay, two of my new favorite fictional people! Liam is a bit reluctant (like he chants “I’m not gay!” a few times a day to himself)  to admit his proclivities, it just seems like too much is uncertain. His intimate experiences with me have left him cold, so he can’t go by that…There is also his family, mostly his dad, who is always mouthing off homophobic comments without provocation. Then there is society at large, Liam just hasn’t found any reason worthy of him putting himself through the grief of being openly gay. People are horrible to gay people all the time, nasty comments and looks…He just can’t see how anyone would be willing to go through that. However in the past months he has developed a mild (full blown!) obsession with a fellow commuter. Every morning this beautiful blond man with eyeliner, make up and extremely flamboyant ways rides the same train as Liam and just lights up his world. Everything about Jay (this is the name Liam has come up with based on badge the guy wore once, since they’ve never actually spoken) makes Liam want. He is beautiful, open and proud. Liam wants to badly to get closer to him…If only Liam were gay…Riiiiight.

On Liam’s lucky day he misses the train to work along with Jay, and they strike up a quick friendship. Jay, James actually,  talks a mile a minute and has NO FILTER from brain to mouth, but he still charms Liam completely. The man is smitten pretty quickly, if he could only man up and ask the guy out. That choice is taken out his hands when something bad happens and Liam has to stand up for Jay and face what he’s feeling. If he wants to be the man Jay deserves he has to be brave and step out into the light.

This book was so delightful, the humor was unapologetic, the characters genuine and endearing. I loved Liam and Jay, how they understood each other. Liam became such a brave warrior for Jay, what he couldn’t seem to do for himself came instinctually if it meant defending Jay. I just loved this book, it had the right mix of humor, romance, smexin, seriousness, and endearing characters to make it a very enjoyable read.

Definitely recommend.

Loving Jay is for sale at Dreamspinner Press.

Hope you give the book and the wine a try, you will fall in love TWICE!

Cheers and Happy reading!


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